Gilson Coaching

About Me

With extensive experience and some specialized tools, we will create a space to define what holds you back from living your optimal life. Re-framing your thoughts, committing to a new mindset and dedication to making lasting changes will allow you to find your power to create a life you love.

What You're Going to Gain


Weekly calls help support and celebrate your goals.

Health, Wealth & Love

These aspects of your life will be affected by becoming accountable and setting attainable goals.


Stop limiting yourself!

Health, Wealth & Love

Change your mindset to create abundance in each of these areas of your life.


Faith is not religion... Faith is believing even when you question everything.

Health, Wealth & Love

Faith is the most powerful tool you have to create these things in your life.

It All Started Because...

I love people... (and dogs!)

I was born with a lifetime supply of empathy and strong intuition. I derive a lot of joy when I am volunteering, creating a space to share what's going on or just enjoying time with others. Life is short... let's make it great!

It's incredible to see people transform their lives

I have been a witness to some major life transformations and have done a pretty impressive job of changing my own. To peel away layers of the past and acknowledge and re-frame those things creates an opportunity to create a legacy that people will remember with pride.

I Wanted a Sense of purpose

In 2017, I was apathetic about life... I did not care about being here because I wasn't living. To just "exist" is not living. I have now found my purpose and every day I look forward to helping other people find theirs!